Amazing rooms, magical tasks through the game, each rooms with a completely different atmosphere and puzzles.

Hidden nooks, secret passages! Communicate with the principal, pick up the hat and listen to what it tells you. Make the potion, find the secret items, but watch out, the snake is watching you! Tasks that can be performed in parallel and with different levels of difficulty.

Each of our rooms is deservedly famous for its unique puzzles, but this time we have taken this to an even higher level and strived to create an atmosphere as if you had dropped completely into a famous story! We’ve made these elements even more enjoyable and immersive with experiences you certainly can’t find anywhere else. New generation tasks, amazing solutions!

Our company is not affiliated with any film production company and operates independently from them.

Our game is not a Harry Potter escape room! A Harry Potter escape game does not exist anywhere in the world. Our game is set in a magical world that has existed for thousands of years and has inspired many books, films, and games with its ideas and inspiration.”


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