THANOS – The Infinity Stones

To collect the infinity stones, you will have to return to different times and bring the stones back, just like the avengers did in the Endgame. Many superheroes will help you on your way, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr Strange and so on.

 You will begin your yourney in the Sanctum Sanctorum where Stephen become Dr. Strange. You have to be skilled enough to get the Time Stone! To get the Mind stone you have to get the stone from Ultron. You have to make a sacrifice in front of the Red Skull so that the stone of the soul can be taken into possession. Acquiring each stone involves a major challenge.

If you are able to collect all the infinite stones, you will have to make your decision: will you destroy the half of the universe or will you, like the Avengers, restore the world to a state before Thanos’ flick ?

The choice is in your hands!

Our new generation MULTIPLE ROOMS escape game brings new challenges also for experienced players. You have to use all your senses if you want to win and you really have to work as a team. Our exciting linear and parallel tasks are not based on boring and familiar patterns.


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