Joker’ city, The Horror Story

Batman and chief Gordon are constantly winding up the shattered underworld, however, the mobsters are being held together by a new enemy. The anarchist man who calls himself the Joker is the embodied unpredictability.

He gained control of the city and broke into the General Police station. Joker is planning a horrible assassination that you must prevent. You have to get to Batman’s Cave, fight the criminal gangs on the streets and alleys of Gotham, and finally face the Joker himself.

In our completely new generation game, interactive, unique solutions and tasks that require thinking outside the box are also a novelty for experienced escapees, but they provide an enjoyable gameplay, even for a family escape.

Unique technological implementations, tasks requiring the use of different senses, several parts of the room related to the story.


Lockedmein escape room


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